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Monday, August 29, 2011

Endicrinologist Update (break from story)

Katrinia went to the endocrinologist and infectious disease doctors on Friday.  The endocrinologist found that she has at least 10 nodules on her thyroid, but the doctor said they are very small and she was not worried about them - they are too small to biopsy.  She said she would recheck her in a year.  Trinia felt confident with her because this doctor works closely with the transplant team.  The doctor said the presence of so many nodules was not uncommon if anyone else in Trinia's family had experienced thyroid problems.  Her mom had her thyroid removed many years ago, so that could be the connection.
The infectious disease doctor drew blood and she will have the results in a week to see if she has been exposed to TB.  He also gave her some other vaccinations and had a LONG list of things she needs to avoid.  Eating food not prepared by herself is potentially very hazardous to her.  Also, he strongly urged that her family and friends avoid contact with her if they have been exposed to some kind of illness.  If she is ill when a liver becomes available, she would be ineligible to receive it and who knows when another one would come around.
Liver for Life
P.O. Box 921
Pasadena, TX  77501

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  1. i have enjoyed catching up with you and your journal. your fight is courageous and would not expect anything else from you. you have always been a fighter and i love you dearly. wrote something earlier but not sure it posted so sending again. i have all the equipment you need for your game if you will list what you need. lori said she can bring if your friend cannot. our sunday school class is praying for you as well as our girls. know He is holding you tight in His grip.